Who Needs Form 1040?

All US citizens and resident aliens regardless of where they live file Form 1040. Others who do not have to file for returns should still file this form to a refund of any income tax withheld. Others need to file Form 1040 if they are qualified for any credit like:
107  Earned income credit
108  Additional child tax credit
109  Health coverage tax credit
110  Refundable credit

Form 1040 is the right form to file if the taxpayer’s income is big, if he has a complicated investment portfolio, or if he has a lot of income sources to report. The longest form among three, Form 1040 is to be filed if you want more criteria to fill in order to get more deductions or tax options.

The taxpayer needs Form 1040 if:

111  His taxable income is $100,000 above
112  There are itemized deductions
113  Based on Form W-2, Box 12, there are uncollected tax on tips or life insurance
114  Based on Form W-2, Box 12, there is code Z
115  He received $20 up in terms of tips in any one month and failed to report to the employer
116  He owes excise tax on stock compensation from an expatriated company or corporation

Should you need help in filing your tax returns or should you feel confused about which form to fill up, you can choose to employ the services of accountants or go to the IRS website to use the free e-filing services being offered. It will be best to read up about the many forms in order to file the taxes correctly.

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