When to File Form 1040

Every year every individual taxpayer has to accomplish filing his income tax return with the Internal Revenue Service or IRS. Using the appropriate forms that are issued by the IRS, one can properly document his financial situation and file any tax returns that may be due him.

The filing of income tax returns for a calendar year is scheduled to be due on April 15 of the next year. Now, if this date falls on a weekend – either Saturday or Sunday, the deadline for filing will be on the following Monday.

In Massachusetts, if that Monday incidentally is Patriots Days, then the taxpayers in New England will have until the coming Tuesday to file their forms. Patriots Day is a holiday that some US states like Massachusetts, Maine, and Wisconsin celebrate.

The form concerned is called Form 1040 or the US Individual Income Tax Return form. It is also dubbed as the long form since it is composed of two pages that have a lot of sections to be filled up. The 1040 form is a lengthy form compared to its other versions – the 1040A and 1040EZ.


Form 1040A is the short form since it is relatively shorter than the 1040, but more comprehensive than the 1040EZ form. The easy form or 1040EZ is really, really short – usually about one page long and only includes two sections.

Anyone can use Form 1040 to file. The other two can be used for those who have less complicated financial information to report to the IRS for taxes due and for tax returns.

December 15 2008 08:48 pm | Filing 1040 forms

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