Tips in Doing your Form 1040

Some people choose to use a professional to help with the filing of their income tax returns. Some others use the software applications that allow electronic filing of taxes. The more traditional ones prefer to accomplish the preparation of their tax returns on their own using the actual forms. For these people, doing it helps them learn a lot in the process.

Every taxpayer’s situation is unique so, there are different ways to really completely fill up the Form 1040. For those who want to be sure and do not trust themselves in doing a great job at filing, they hire professional tax people.


Here are some tips:

107  For any additional information on the forms or schedules, check the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) site or call their toll-free line for live telephone assistance.
108  There are Taxpayer Assistance Centers that can also help with any concerns about tax filing. Check the IRS website for the exact locations of these centers.
109  Employ the services of tax professional and experts if you are not sure about your skills in doing your taxes.
110  Learn to differentiate wages and income.
111  Strive for accuracy. Providing false data or giving inadequate details can put some red flags on your tax returns, which may trigger an audit by the IRS.
112  Never ever sign a blank tax return form and just leave everything with the tax person. Sign the document after the tax professional has completed everything you hired him for. This is after both of you have worked together in completing the details and making sure they are accurate.

December 22 2008 04:55 am | 1040 tax forms

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