Should You File your Taxes electronically or not?

Back when there were no computers or Internet yet, people relied on paper and efficient filing to complete the taxation process. These days, with the advent of high-tech computers and the Internet, people are more inclined to use technology for convenience. But, should you opt for filing your tax returns electronically?

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Filing your tax return using the actual forms and mailing them to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is easy. It is cheap and convenient, too. It would take the IRS some time to process you tax returns though, because they will have to key in your data to their system first before anything else. Yes, the paper submission will only cost you postage, but it will take some time before you can get your refunds.

If you use the IRS site to e-file your tax returns, you help eliminate the data entry on the side of IRS and that makes things much faster to process. That means you can get your tax refunds earlier than if you submit the paper. Thing is, to do this, you will need a computer, Internet, and that software program to file your tax returns. This could be added cost on your part.

You can choose either paper or technology for filing. On top of that, you will have to choose too, if you will do it yourself or if you will hire somebody to do it for you. It will depend on how much you trust yourself to do the task and if you mind or not, the extra costs.

December 23 2008 05:19 am | 1040 form Assistance

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