Filing for Form 1040

When filing for your tax return every year, you will be asked to fill up tax form 1040 issued by the Internal Revenue State.  Anyone who is earning an annual income can use this tax form to report their income, claim all kinds of deductions and credits, and lastly calculate one’s taxes.  Once you are able to do this, the form much be submitted to the IRS to avoid any problems and complications in the future.  There have been changes with the form 1040 that many are still trying to adjust, so here are a few 1040 form help tips that may guide you when submitting the tax forms.
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1.  There are two sub-forms, 1040-EZ and 1040A.  The 1040-EZ form is only eligible to persons who earn under US $100,000 total in income and who have an interest income of under $1,500.  This is also eligible only for people who are earning from wages, interest, and unemployment compensation.  For the latter, you can only file and submit this is if your income comes from wages, interest, dividends, capital gain distributions, taxable grants, scholarships, etc.
2.  In acquiring these forms, you can download the PDF file from the official website of the Internal Revenue State for free.  Do not listen to scammers who will tell you that the tax forms mentioned have a fee.
3.  If downloading and using PDF files is too much of a hassle for you, you can always call customer service of the IRS and ask them to send a digital document copy to your email address.

December 18 2008 11:53 pm | 1040 form Assistance

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